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    Manol Jovani


    I would like to kindly ask if there is a way of viewing the late-breaking abstracts that were accepted last year at DDW?

    We are considering submitting an abstract that is not a RCT. However, we were wondering if the late-breaking abstracts are “only” for RCT whose results were not ready in December, or if novel also observational studies, that report results never reported before, could also be considered?

    One way to tell would be to have a look of what has been accepted previously ass late-breaking abstract. Is there a way to know that?

    Thank you very much


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      Kristenn Fortson

      Hi Manol,

      The late-breaking submission period concluded on Feb. 15 and we are no longer accepting abstracts for DDW 2018. The late-breaking submission period was not an extension to the general submission period; rather, it was reserved for abstracts that contained new research or results not yet available at the Dec. 1 general abstract submission deadline. We hope that you will consider submitting an abstract for DDW 2019 when the submission period begins in the fall. In the meantime, you can view abstracts accepted for DDW 2018 here: http://www.ddw.org/online-planner. Just click the “abstracts” tab at the top of the online planner.


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